Graham Kuhn / St. Ann - Marietta, GA
Director of Music/Multimedia

Solutio has been nothing short of a game-changer for our parish. We finally have a website that represents the vibrant, welcoming parish that we are. It is so much better than it used to be when we used volunteers to maintain the site. We have had very specific requests of Solutio and every single time they have knocked it out of the park. We have used Solutio for a new site as well as an upgrade 4 years later. They have great insight into what a Catholic Church website needs. The crew at Solutio is second to none. Words to describe Solutio: Professional, Attentive, Responsive, Creative, Holy, Humble, Approachable.



Chris Henderson / Christ the King - Topeka, KS
Parish Life Director

Solutio Software has just completed redesigning our website. They created a professional and attractive church website that is everything that we were looking for. I had such a great experience with each person that I contacted during the entire process. Solutio understands that in the church environment, we all do many jobs. They know how to educate our staff on keeping our site maintained. I am extremely pleased with the way the website looks and would highly recommend you contact Solutio if your church is in need of a new website!



Fr. Peter O'Donnell / St. John the Evangelist - Herington, KS

I am a pastor in Herington, KS. Solutio was very professional and very helpful in guiding us through getting our parish website up and running. The design they crafted and the way that they implemented our requests was much appreciated. I hope it bears a lot of fruit in bringing people closer to Jesus and closer to the Catholic Church.



Michael Fletcher / St. Robert Bellarmine – Omaha, NE

Solutio was immensely helpful in designing our website. Since Solutio is a Catholic company, they anticipated many areas unique to a Catholic parish and school. They have continued to be exceptionally responsive to questions, challenges, or tweaks to the site. We can easily update content throughout the pages. Our parishioners and school families are especially proud of the beautiful and professional appearance of our website, and it has become a unifying point within the parish for communication and community.



Brenda Hickok / St. Peter the Apostle - Schulte, KS

Solutio has been managing our website for several years. We are very pleased with the quality of our website, the attention to detail, and the ease on our end of updating our website. Solutio has excellent customer service. If we need anything, we can email Solutio and we will quickly have our questions answered or any issues resolved. We recently went through the process of updating our website, and Solutio was very accommodating. They spent time with us asking what we would like to see and took the time with us to develop our website exactly how we wanted it. They are excellent at what they do. We are very happy with their service.



Luann McFadden / St. Joseph - Andale, KS

Solutio has been great to work with. Their team provided excellent start-up information, giving us personalized service and support. I would recommend this company to any organization. Whenever I contact them for support, I receive a timely and courteous response.



Jenny Dwyer / St. Mary Catholic Church & School - Woodstock, IL
Parish Secretary/Technology

They are always quick to respond to needs. Very professional and I love that we pray at the beginning of every video conference. Working in a church I expect that and it is even better when our support instigates it too.



Robert Jennings / St. Isidore Catholic Student Center - Manhattan, KS
Ministry & Evangelism

After a few months of no one working on the site from our end, I decided to finally to mess around with the site when I realize how out of date it was. Through trial and error I figured out a few items, but sometimes the result wasn't the desired effect. Reaching out to Solutio was a great decision. They offer personalized service via webinars. They are very patient and happened to fix some of the errors that I did. If you are having problems with your site don't hesitate to contact Solutio. You will receive impeccable service from the beginning to the end. The staff at Solutio has been a gem to work with.