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In a world full of external and internal commotion, your organization needs a digital presence that can grab your visitors' attention, and bring some order to the noise.

Easy To Update

Using an everyday content management system, Solutio makes keeping your website up to date as easy as writing an email.

Completely Customized

Solutio builds your site how you want it. Your input, combined with our years of expertise results in a site of which we'll both be proud.

Responsive Design

Visitors to your site will have a great experience no matter if they are viewing your site on a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone.


  • Small
  • $3250 or less
  • Typically this size of site would be a good direction for organizations whose content is fairly limited and concise. Groups that fit in this category still receive the same great service as everyone else, they simply don't need as many pages. Sometimes great things come in small packages.
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  • Medium
  • $5500 or less
  • Organizations that are looking to expand their sites with more content and depth will find a good fit in this area. If your apostolate, institute, council, or organization has multiple facets, then a website of this size should be right for you.
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  • Large
  • $8250 and up
  • This package will be the best choice for an organization with a large number of members, and an assortment of activities to promote. Sites in this area might include forums with a digest of the daily activity for members to be involved in and receive updates. This option provides a great opportunity to provide a wide variety content.
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Upon the completion of the website, monthly hosting and maintenance fees will apply.