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A beautiful charism, a life of prayer, a joyful existence. Let the world see what makes your community exceptional.

Easy To Update

Using an everyday content management system, Solutio makes keeping your website up to date as easy as writing an email.

Completely Customized

Solutio builds your site how you want it. Your input, combined with our years of expertise results in a site of which we'll both be proud.

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Visitors to your site will have a great experience no matter if they are viewing your site on a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone.


  • Small
  • $3250 or less
  • If your order is either just getting started with your web presence, or if your plan calls for a concise site, then this will be the route for you. You'll be able to express yourselves in a professional manner, but not have to worry about developing content for hundreds of pages.
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  • Medium
  • $5500 or less
  • A project of this size is a good fit for orders that want to develop a more informative website. This may include profile pages with bio's on a few of the current members, an in-depth FAQ section, and/or an interactive forum.
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  • Large
  • $8250 and up
  • Sites in this category might incorporate a password protected section for members only, a special area for donors, or video/audio clips from postulants, novices, or professed members. Space will be plentiful enough that some communities may choose to create profiles for each member of the order.
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Upon the completion of the website, monthly hosting and maintenance fees will apply.